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DK Insulations & 110 Services Were Born Out Of Experience, Determination and Frustration!


Please allow us to introduce ourselves. My name is Fred Raynor, and I along with my wife Jo manage DK Insulations/110 Services.

I have worked in many Industries, from the Motor Trade through to Caterpillar heavy plant in positions from Mechanic to Director. Jo had over 18 years working for one of Nottinghams biggest and most well known companies, latterly as a Business Centre Manager for them. Our positions all had one thing in common - False Promises and False People! Yes I know that is a broad statement, and there were many good hard working people in those companies, but when you make a promise to a Customer or an Employee you should intend to keep it!

Customer Service in the UK is awful, the big corporates do not allow their staff to be individual, rather giving them a list of instructions to obey in a robotic fashion. This leads to soulless callcentres who are not in touch with their customers. Smaller companies often miss the point entirely leaving staff to sit and moan, looking forward to five o'clock as the highlight of their day!

For some inexplicable reason companies seem more interested in looking for new "buzzwords" or phrases to make them sound competent rather than offering good old fashioned customer service! Every Manager or Director that we reported in to was always looking for a gimmick or a quick fix to get more business. And that is exactly what it usually is a quick fix with no longevity. 

To all those previous associates of ours chasing whatever it is you are chasing..... Here's a revelation for you: The right product or service at a competitive price to a high standard - not rocket science is it? In short, do a good job at the right price!


We decided that we had definitely had enough of fronting other peoples businesses, doing our best for them when those behind the scenes certainly weren't!

So we created a Company that would offer more than one product and service. Our main business is Industrial Insulation - a trade in which we have over 25 years experience. Most importantly with genuine commitment and high standards of customer care!

I am sure that you have all experienced service that is not what it should be. Talking a good talk is one thing - The proof of the pudding is in the eating, it's as simple as that. Give us a call - we promise to keep our promises!

We look forward to working with you.

Fred Raynor

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