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About DK Insulations:

DK Insulations was founded in 1982 by David Unwin. David had worked for many years in the industry for the big companies of the time, latterly as a site manager/foreman. He took the decision to "go it alone" having observed the standards to which the industry was operating, and knowing for certain that he could do better! Having saved for some time he resigned from his position unaware that a week later there was about to be a round of redundancies in the company where he had worked which would have given him some greatly needed start up funding!

With much hard work and long hours the company went from strength to strength based on a reputation for quality workmanship and reliability. Fred Raynor worked part time with David at weekends and during holidays and eventually left his motor trade position to work full time at DK Insulations who now employed 5 staff. Over the years projects were undertaken at many blue chip sites across the UK and Europe from Tarmac Plants to Naval and Air Force Bases. Sadly David passed away in 2007 leaving Angela (Fred's Sister) to hold the reigns. Fred and Jo had just started their own company (110 Services Ltd), and after some discussion, the logical step with Fred's many years of experience with David was for DK Insulations to become part of 110 Services.

DK Insulations is now the largest division Of 110 Services. We retain original staff and maintain DK's excellent track record of First Class Workmanship and service to customers such as BOCM Pauls, GLW Feeds, GW Padley, British Oxygen and CK (Cartem Ltd). Also many Local Authorities, Health Authorities and Armed Forces Bases across the UK and Europe.

From a few metres of pipe to a new Leisure Centre Project, we are happy to quote for all of your Insulation requirements. We also offer a free no-obligation site survey to assess your current Insulation condition, and to advise you where you may be able to save money.

Just send an email to Fred or Jo Raynor info@110services.co.uk or Phone 07961 821089.

David & Fred In The Beginning:

Ductwork 50mm Insulation & Clad with Plain Aluminium Sheet

3" Bitumen Pipework Trace Heated, Insulated And Clad In Aluminium With Flange And 3 Way Motorised Valve Boxes

Animal Feeds Steam Heat Exchanger Insulated With 50mm Duct Slab And Finished In 0.7mm Plain Aluminium With Insulated Access Panels

Animal Feeds Process Cooler Insulated With 50mm Polyisocyanurate Board And Finished In 0.7mm Plain Aluminium

10" Animal Feeds Process Pipework Insulated With 50mm Bright Class O Mineral Wool Pipe Section And Clad With Plain Aluminium

Work In Progress. 10" Steam Header And Associated Pipework, Flanges & Valves. Insulated In 50mm Bright Class O Mineral Pipe Section. Valves & Flanges Fitted With Plain Aluminium Boxes Specifically Made For The Project Lined With 50mm Mineral Wool Insulation.

Hospital Radiator Spurs Insulated & Clad With Easily Cleaned Isogenopak. The Reason For This Work Was Due To A Patient Who Fell Out Of Bed And Received Burns To Their Leg Against The Bare Pipe!

Bitumen Tanks Insulated And Finished In Galvanised Steel With Associated 3" Pipework Trace Heated, Insulated And Clad In Aluminium With Flange And 3 Way Motorised Valve Boxes

Skid Mounted Process Pipework For Overseas Project With A -40 Deg C Ambient. Clad In Polished Stainless Steel With All Joints Sealed Against Moisture Ingress.

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