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Fast Reliable Service When You Need It Most!

With the best will in the world Local Authority and Industry Managers cannot possibly forecast every need of their department or business on a day-to-day basis.

There will undoubtedly be instances where your main contractor cannot respond as quickly as you would like, or where your own employed labour is overstretched but you still require that task completed as soon as possible!

That's where we at 110 Services can help.

To clarify, we are not a casual labour supplier where you receive inexperienced individuals whom you then have to train and supervise to carry out your required job - you may as well have done it yourself! 

We never send unsupervised and inexperienced personnel and leave them to their own devices.

We are an experienced site contractor willing to take on many of your "overspill" tasks at short notice. We take ownership of those projects and manage them through to conclusion and satisfactory handover.

Literally anything from clearance and cleaning of rented accommodation, vehicle cleaning, groundwork and building maintenance to name but a few. The difference with us is that all of our work is guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Full Risk Assessments and Method Statements are provided on request to comply with your site requirements.

If, for any reason your scope of work is outside of our field of operation we will tell you up front. We will then offer to sub-contract and project manage on your behalf to our vast database of approved contractors with whom we have built relationships over many years.

110 Services - Promises Made, Promises Kept!

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